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Re: Fwd: Re: I Just Got Back From Ferry Street in Salisbury, MA

Since the station's coverage is based on the use of the 
tower it's been using all along on the frequency it's 
been using for well over 15 years, no increase in height 
is likely to be possible without a power reduction to 
compensate for the increased efficiency. However, the 
difference in 1/4 wavelength at 1450 and 1470 is not the 
claimed 10' but rather, a piddling 2.3' (approximately 
0.7 meters).

As you say, radio geeks own the verb "to quibble," but 
if you're going to quibble, make sure that you check 
your facts first.
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> When the tower was built, WNBP was operating at 1470 khz.  The drop to
> 1450 increased its wavelength perhaps by 40-feet so a quarter of that 
> might require a boost of 10 feet (no big deal, but radio geeks OWN the
> verb "to quibble".