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Re: 1988 is an oldie!?!

Gary heard and observed:
>>Twice in the past few days I have heard Oldies-103 play Kokomo by the
BeachBoys (snip)
Early 80's is one thing, but 1988!<<

 and Garrett offered:
>>As with ``Classic Rock'', it's the style of the music that matters, not
when it was produced. <<

Ah, not really the case...  Oldies formats are, for the most part, guided by
time-frames.  at the first "oldies" station i worked at in Portland, the
guideline was 15 years.  at the time, that meant nothing post-1974 would be
played.  most oldies stations adhere to similar guides.
There are Oldies stations that play Aerosmith's "Dream On," but don't play
"Love In An Elevator."  yet a classic rock station might consider such a
In the case of Kokomo...  might as well play it since the Beach Boys
chronology-of-hits kind of has a big hole in it... from what, Disney Girls
to Kokomo ?
  and besides:  to a twenty-something hitting his/her prime stride on the
way into desired demographics, 1988 was a LONG TIME AGO.  (i'll pull my
shawl up around my shoulders now, sonny.)  ;-)

- -Chuck Igo