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Re: Re: McDonough on the air in Portland

Dan B. writes:

> Not a bad idea, though McDonough is on in afternoon drive. 

You're right, of course. To me, it's middle of the day; my days begin at 1 p.m. and my 'clock' is kinda skewed.

Oh, the joys of working nights.

> I like the current 
> midday show out of Chicago, but will not miss Nasty Nester Aparico, the 
> afternoon show that is being displaced by McDonough. 

Mariotti does have a good show, have liked it ever since 1-on-1 came into Boston. I was not a big fan of Nasty at first, much preferring Peter Brown, but he has grown on me since his show moved into that time slot. Also, living near Nasty's base of Baltimore, I've had the chance to listen to him on his station (1570 in Towson) in a non-network setting, where I feel he hosts a much better show than the network gig.

> I would be surprised if 
> the affiliates carrying McDonough are not still clearing network inventory 
> during his show.

I would imagine they are as well. My thoughts were that such regional shows could help boost spot revenues for the affiliates, making the shows somewhat more regionalized as opposed to nationalized, and giving regional listeners a chance to talk about 'their' teams.