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RE: Re: Osama or Usama?

Just regionally in the Quebec market for now...1 of those regional marketing 
differentiations, for the same reason that the McMuffin morning sandwiches are served 
on bagels or English muffins, but not on biscuits, in Quebec...

Stephen Pickford
Travel World Radio Show

On 10 Oct 2001, at 18:42, Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Stephen Pickford wrote:
> > mozzarella.  Poutine is sold not only at your usual collection
> > of roadside greasy spoons, but has been added to the menu at
> > McDonald's as well.
> Just in Canada or also here in the USA?  When I go up to Montreal I gorge
> myself silly on the stuff....
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