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Limbaugh, cont.

Rush is trying to explain why his voice sounds different lately.
Considering a cochlear implant, etc.  With the guy on the top of his game, a
quarter of a billion contract, this has got to be a kick in the plates.  He
even said that he could retire tomorrow without any worry, but he does not
want to.  He infers that his show may need to shift away from taking calls
to being all-monologue-all-the-time.  I would imagine that if he wanted to
make a go if it, he'd employ a text translator and go from there.  He's not
much for give and take on the phone, anyway.  He also said that since May,
the time-off wasn't due to being out on a golf course, but "in an MRI
machine."  He said, "My challenge is, I want to do this."  He said he spent
most of last week considering other options as to how to keep the show
going, "broadcast partners" as one consideration.  Aptly put, he said, "I
may have lost my ability to hear, but not my ability to communicate."

Bill O'Neill
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
Garrison Keillor