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RE: Has anyone else noticed WXLO uses..

We have an "Ormond-By-The-Sea, FL" with one radio station licesened to it.
WHOG-FM w/hushed Ormond By The Sea.... right next to Daytona Beach. I
suppose they didn't want to call it Ormond Beach being next to Daytona
Beach... I'm glad Fernandina Beach didn't change to "BTS". That's a lot of
syllables to spout off in the ID. WGSR Fernandina-by-the-Sea... kind of
choppy when you say it fast.

Ron Gitschier

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> From:	A. Joseph Ross [SMTP:lawyer@attorneyross.com]
> On 3 Oct 2001, at 20:42, Bill O'Neill wrote:
> > King of Prussia licensees would still not have it as bad as the town's
> > cheerleaders.  Or the jingle singers.
> I'd love to see a radio station in Manchester-by-the-Sea!