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RE: Has anyone else noticed WXLO uses..

Locally, WQDY AM/FM Calais identifies as:

"WQDY AM and FM Calais, Maine, Saint Stephen New Brunswick and WALZ FM
Machias, Maine"

I believe some of the stations in Northern Maine also slide in Canadian
towns in their ID, although  I haven't been north of Millinocket in a
month of Sundays to hear them..

The best ID I ever heard was a few years back while driving down I-5
from Vancouver BC to Seattle. It was from KISM 92.9 Bellingham, WA. They
IDed as  "KISSUM,...KISM  Bellingham, Vancouver, Victoria,,,,and points
beyonnnnnnddddddd" drifting off in a whoosh sound-effect..   

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine