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Bad intros

I don't know this keeps happening lately, but I noticed that when Acting 
Governor Swift gave her address Tuesday, the WBZ announcer kept 
talking and cut off the governor's first few words.  I noticed the 
something similar, listening to a different station, for President Bush's 
address on 11 September.  And the transition to President Clinton's 
farewell address from the Oval Office was similarly botched on whatever 
network I was watching.  What gives?

Used to be, when the President addressed the nation, the network 
announcers would say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the 
United States," then they'd cut smoothly to the President just before he 
started.  Now they seem unaware of when the President (or Governor) 
has been cued to start and step on the start of the address.  What gives 

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