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Swift unaware mike was still on

Acting Gov. Swift delivered a nine-minute speech last
night on TV and radio, regarding airport concerns,
Massport, etc. After she finished, she was unaware
her mike was still on and the next thing you know,
the post-speech comments were aired on "Howie Carr"
and elsewhere. 

Swift was heard asking staffers how well she did and
at one point said, "I'm in a firing mood-- just
kidding!... I hope my mike wasn't on." But the mike
indeed was on, and Swift is now learning, as
politicians and TV/radio personalities have in the
past, that you need to watch what you say lest the
microphone still be on.

Now, talk radio shows are discussing not only what she
said in the speech (more state troopers will be
hired, etc.) but how she appeared doing it (some have
said she looked like a hostage). I heard the speech on
radio and she seemed OK to me, but maybe the TV
camera caught her nervousness. 


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