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WGBH-DT/19 and WCEA-LP/19

     I can confirm that WCEA-LP/Channel 19 in Boston
is back on the air, for the time being.  The typical
Spanish track programming is back on per usual.  No
doubt, WGBH-DT/19 was testing their facilities with
actual program material.  WCEA-LP does have a CP to
move to Channel 58 at the same location.  Until
WGBH-DT is ready to begin full regular program
service, I see no problem with WCEA-LP staying on the
air (provided that WGBH-DT is afforded to opportunity
to test their facilities at scheduled times) until the
transition is complete to move WCEA to Channel 58.
     I do believe the FCC allows STA's similar to what
was used when WHDH-TV (the old Channel 5) had to leave
the air at 1:30 am to allow WCVB-TV Equipment Test
Authority between 2:00 am and 5:00 am after which
WHDH-TV was allowed to return to the air @ 5:15 am,
back in 1971. I remember seeing that happen some 30
years ago.  "This is television station W-C-V-B, T-V,
Channel 5, Boston, Massachusetts.... conducting
equipment tests........(beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!)" 

-Pete (K1XRB)

--- John Bolduc <n1qgs@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Well, that feeble analog channel is back for now,
> but on my table-top TV
> with amplified  rabbit-ears antenna, I can only SEE
> but not hear a
> black-and-white picture that  sometimes rolls up
> depending  on where I
> stand.  
> Conditions have been open in overnight which has
> allow me to detech WCDC
> channel 19 in North Adams Mass using a 1/4 wave 2
> meter amateur antenna
> mounted horizontally six feet above ground (In other
> words, although an
> outdoor antenna, not the right antenna for the job).
> So it may have been North Adams you were seeing
> parts of
> John
> East Derry NH
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Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
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