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Hi Bill,

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Re: September 11th - and Sports

Red Sox Nation was already in
mourning - we knew it was over
prior to 9/11 - the bombing eradicated
the usefulness of sports for a couple
of weeks.  Now that we are in
"recovery", Sox fans have their
anger returning.

The team seems to go out of its
way to play to Sports radio - and
Tony M., The Big O, Dennis & Callahan
have much too much power

A confidential source said to me this
week that at a public event Carl
Everett was a real gentleman and
that Nomar was the pompous jerk.
This is paraphrased - but let's face
it, Carl is not the anti-christ he is
painted to be by the media, nor is
Nomar the Patron St. of all that is
good (Remember how Mo Vaughan
was a hero until he left?  Then he
was the biggest goat).

Pushing the buttons of the hot and
cold sport fans is what drives these

I long for the day when legitimate
radio personalities who know what
they are talking about get hired for
their skills, not for how well they
play the game and stand at attention.

Pop Explosion

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