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Re: The "T" Word

Bill O wrote:

that's better than a turning of a 6-4-3 at Fenway!

and then Bill closed with:
>>There are those allegedly involved in that action.<<

i would amplify that rejoinder with the added intellection being the only
aspect of "allegedly" are the names of the perpetrators.  on the front page
of our local daily Portland newspaper today are the photos of 19 individuals
specifically tagged as the "ecclesiastically misdirected" responsible for
four separate acts of terrorism, conducted in an extremely well executed
fashion.  various claims in both print and broadcast media have come forth
that identities may have been falsified or stolen.
   no, the word "alleged" has its place in our lexicon, right between "all
clear" and "allegiance."  (which, in and of itself is a pretty eerie
coincidence, no?)  the word "alleged" has no place in this particular
usurping of the civil liberties of more than 6,000 innocent human beings.
and there are times where one needs to take a step back and truly examine
how deeply "innocent until proven..." is cast: concrete?  stone?  really bad
school cafeteria potatoes?
     terrorism, n: the systematic use of terror esp. as a means of coercion.
terrorist, adj or n   (note the lack of the word "alleged" here... <ducking,
okay...grinning, too>)
    me?  i'll take CNN with a grain of salt while reflecting upon the aerial
tracer fire visible during the Kabul munitions depot explosions behind the
VideoPhone report on the night of September 11, which attempted to say
"...it was only a skirmish between local factions..."   last i checked, a
local Afghan faction skirmish would probably be pretty well rooted on the
ground.  aerial tracer fire is directed at, um, aerial targets.  and unless
the Northern Faction has anti-gravity technology not yet seen by The Western
World....  well, let's just leave it at this:  if CNN prefers not to call a
"terrorist" a terrorist, that's fine.  so long as i can still read between
the alleged lines.

- -Chuck Igo