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New War Mailing list (to keep discussion off of list)

Hi all- sorry to waste space for those who are not interested, but using
Yahoo eGroups, I have established an unmoderated mailing list for
discussion of the New War on Terrorism. The original purpose I established
this was because as one of the administrators of the Led Zeppelin mailing
list, I was unsure, along wiht my fellow admins, what to do when the
majority of the list wanted to discuss recent happenings, while there were
others who were directly affected on the list as well who liked to think
of that mailing list as an escape from everything that has been going
down. This list is reasonably small now, however it will grow somewhat.
The great thing about a small list is lack of flooding email :) But all of
you are welcome to join, it would be great to hear a lot of insight and
opinions on this matter and anythign related to it. Plus, this will give
Garrett a place to refer the off topic discussions :)

All you have to do to subscribe is send an email to the subscribe address

Post message: TheNewWar@yahoogroups.com
Subscribe:  TheNewWar-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe:  TheNewWar-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

And the others are self explanitory. Please email me if you have any

Now back to Radio stuff........

Jeremy Mixer