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Re: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

From: "Peter Murray" <pete@partnercomm.com>

> A US legal id (a topic discussed here before) is <callsign> <frequency
> (optional)> <city of license>...

> "You are listening to KYW, 1060, Philadelphia, an Infinity Broadcasting
> station."

I think about a year ago we discussed this topic (ad naseum)......but, if I
recall, the <frequency> is not optional...

I think we discussed that "FM" and the word "in" would be tolerated...but
could possibly not be the letter of the law.

(Of course some fm's DO have "FM" as part of their call sign....when there
is an AM with the same calls, right?)

That being said, what infractions the FCC will pursue (very few), is a whole
'nother discussion....


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