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The Real Bill Silver

Yes - same one.  I hired Bill Silver at WHEB right out of UNH.  He had done part-time shifts at WDNH (now WOKQ).  Huge voice, even when he was 19.  He nights briefly when WHEB-FM was still WPFM.  Complained that he couldn't play any jingles or promos because they all had the WHEB call letters.  He was right.  We fixed that by changing the calls and moving him to morning drive.

Later he went to WGNG, Cumberland RI, then did mornings on JB105, then went to WHDH in the early 80's, then to the old WROR in the mid 80's.  I hired him again in 1990 for afternoon drive at Magic.

But wait -  there's more!  He was also the voice of the Ginsu Knife.  Now how much would you pay?