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Re: [David W. Harris: the even newer WMEX]

Dave's loggings of WMEX at 106.5 FM on Lake Winnipesaukee 
on Monday captured the station on the old antenna on the 
SE leg of a triangular tower at ~50' AGL (Sangean ATS 818CS
S-meter = 4 out of 7), and the new antenna later in the day 
at ~85' AGL on the SW leg (Sangean S-meter = 7 out of 7.)   

We gained toward Portsmouth by eliminating some shadowing
with the increased height, but also, the tower no longer blocks 
our signal to the Lakes Region, so the gain there seemed very 
significant, also according to calls we've received.

That was Step 1 of our upgrade.   Step 2 is 50% more RF power,
which we will implement pending FCC authorization.

The website is http://www.wmexfm.com (which points to the old 
"expage" site for WZEN.)   Any signal reports appreciated in
the "Guest Book".   The "live announcer" was yours truly, 
Peter Tripp.