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RE: The End Zone is off the air

I know this is not DX-ing or anything like that. But WEEI does stream their
programing on the Web. The use the Microsoft Media player format, however,
not real audio. Just to let you know if you want to listen in to them -
anyway, whatever!

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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Subject: The End Zone is off the air

The excellent (IMO) locally produced sports show "The End Zone" On Sports
Radio WNNZ 640 is off the air, with no explanation at all. There is some
weird, and bad (IMO) national programming on. It was really good to have a
sports show to talk about the Red Sox here, because we can't get WEEI. I
really hope they put it back on the air, if they took it off the air. It
didn't appear to get good ratings, but there were many loyal listeners
including myself.

Adam Rivers
Chicopee, MA
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