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Re: Thanks

From: "Rick kelly" <nuhuc@juno.com>

> WNNZ was not
> a continuation of WLDM.

I believe it was!

Basically WLDM applied for a facailities change, call letters change...maybe
even a COL change.

WLDM shut down...and WNNZ went on the air.  I believe there may have even
been silent period while they re-did the facilities.

WNNZ was not a continuation of WLDM in the sense that they had high hopes
for the new facility/signal and broaden their programming appeal to a wider
geographic area.......and were not going to continue the local community
based programming they had been doing previously.

I remember they even had an article in the Globe touting their new
facilities, signal and their high hopes.  I remember thinking how odd it
would be to switch from 50KW to 1KW during January....and how this would
affect programming efforts/sucess.

(I remember trying to pick them up in Boston to no avail and wondered why
they were courting Globe readers...maybe simply for Worcester Westward?)

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