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RE: 1570 Westfield (Was: RE: Thanks )

I'd have to find you another facility; I'm partial to that freq. I wonder
why no one opened up the freq? I don't think ANYONE is on that freq in
Canada at night anymore, except maybe in W. Canada if they haven't jumped to
FM yet. At WGSR 1570 when I did a half dozen or so DX tests after midnight
last winter, we really raked in a good number of (correct) responses ranging
from California, OR, Alberta, ON, AL, CT, KY, TX, DE, DC, NJ, PA, OH, IL,
MI,  and also from Germany, England, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark,
Italy, and Jamaica. Of course, 1570 falls pretty much in the middle of a
crack between two frequencies, so the folks abroad with mighty long antennae
wire and communications recievers had good luck hearing us with the winter
AM DX conditions. 

I have station IDs on both WLDM and WDEW come to think of it on tape, but
don't have any dates on these clips.

Then again, I'd say WQEW must really hem them in using 50kw on 1560 in NYC. 

Ron Gitschier

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. [SMTP:fitzradio@the-spa.com]
>  They were WLDM. They used to have studios and transmitters located on
> Union
> Street in Westfield. Funny note, that building and tower are both
> currently
> for sale. So if anyone on the list won Powerball, I would like that
> building
> and tower for my upcoming birthday =).
> --Mike