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Autumn 1951 Manchester NH Radio Wars

While doing research recently from Manchester (NH) Union Leader microfilm,
I came across several front page stories that caught my eye.

I the midst of the Korean War and a Suez Canal crisis where many front
page headlines over the granting of broadcast rights for Manchester High
School football games. Unfortunately I didn't have time to read beyond the
headlines. WMUR-610, WKBR-1250, and WFEA 1370 appeared to be involved in a
battle that involved the courts.

Untimately a broadcaster was arrested and taken off the air while
attempting to broadcast one of the football games.

Does anyone have more details on this, as I won't be back to the library
for several weeks, and it's really got me interested. I know, I should
have printed the pages, but I ran out of quarters after feeding the
parking meter!

Derry NH

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