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Re: this week in review....

> for Joe Pop:  Ron Robin's Stero93... was that when 106.7 was WBZ-FM?
> or after WMJX made its soft-rock (yeah, the chicken ac thing) debut?
> had several stations along those lines, iirc: WHUE (when they started
> vocals), and WSSH.  Ron, of course, spent some time on WBZ after his 'MEX
> 'VBF
> stints.  was 'BOS after 'VBF? (i seem to recall the Stereo93 thing from
> late 70's... help me out if i'm experiencing a senior moment. ;-)  )

Hmmmm...let's see...I *know* it was between '75 & '85...let me think...

I think Ron Robin went to WBZ in 1981 to do middays.....(remembering how WBZ
management "suspended" him for not making it from P'town to Sldiers Field
Road during a storm once.)

And I think "Maxanne"...or was it "Roxanne" had taken over WBOS in 1982 and
made it into a rock station.  (It was the firt time I remember Hoffman
spending any money on billboards/buscards/anything!)

So, I'm assuming the "Stereo 93 Chicken AC thing was prior to that...Maybe

I think Ron was there for their disco format...and When Kiss came on
gangbusters (remember that?)...WBOS segued to AC...and he was probably the
most qualified person in the building to make a switch.  (I remember WBOS
disco did pretty well....3 or 4 share...until Kiss 108 came on the air...)

I  recall a billboard on theHoffman Building that you could see on the X-way
(near the Storrow exit) that said  "Wbos *IS* Boston....Stereo 93".    I
remember that stayed up thru their Rock and Country incarnations...

Wasn't Jibguy there sometime around then...maybe he knows the time line
better....and how long WBOS was AC before "Maxanne"     ...and what year
Country arrived...with Dean James from WDLW...

(And remember the big play WDLW's switch from Country to their new
"Entertainment format" got in the papers....I remember the papers treating
this 'new format' as if it was gonna give the big guys a 'run for their
money'....come to think about it, they fdid that for 1060's recent talk

After WBZ....Ron Robin never showed up again on Boston radio....did he?


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