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RE: Re: Expanded AM band

One of the things that has amused me no end lately is the broadcasting
machinations of Mass Highway. As you may know they are doing a project to
widen Route-3 - the section that goes up North from Bedford up to Lowell and
Nashua, NH.

Well, Mass Highway set up a traveler's information station to keep motorists
informed about the project. They had this on 1700 kHz. About 6 weeks ago or
so, they quietly changed frequency to 530 kHz. I guess the good 'ol
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Highway Department, must have realized that
motorists with older vehicles such as yourself, would *NOT* be able to tune
in to 1700 kHz on their car radio.

As I said, I'm amused...

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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I can report that the 1994 Ford Tempo's radio doesn't cover the X-band.
Any later ones out there?

125,000 miles and counting without the X-band