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Re: WUNR ratings et al

> (re: "chicken AC")
> > Didn't Frank Purdue have something to do with
> that, CLUK?  (Or was it
> > Ernie Boch <g>)  My guess is it's adult
> contemporary that sticks to
> > the "safe, top-10, and then only if it so
> recognized you know all the
> > words" format.
> That doesn't describe the WBOS AC format as I
> remember it. They played a
> fair amount of stuff I didn't recognize.
> As to "chicken AC", I assumed it meant a format
> aimed at "chicks".

I understand "chicken AC" to indicate that it was an
AC station that was too chicken to play anything with
a "beat" or a "bite".

WBOS under Ron Robin (as "Stereo 93"...how original!)
played a lot of the bland AC stuff....England Dan &
John Ford-Coley, Seals & Crofts, David Soul's "Don't
give up on us", etc...

But probably not "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward, or "Le
Freak" by Chic...or "Do ya' think I'm sexy" by Rod

Joe Pappalardo


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