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RE: Re: Radio DXing question

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Bob Swenson

"A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com> wrote:

>On 23 Aug 2001, at 9:51, Adam Rivers wrote:
>> I have a general question. Would it be fair to do DXing with an amplified
>> antenna. I'm going to buy one so I can get stations from Providence and
>> Boston (both are already fringely audible), because i'm sick of all the
>> local stations.. they aren't as good as the ones in Providence and Boston.
>> I just have that question to ask anyone who will answer for an opinion
>> about DXing.
>Well, a number of people have replied by telling you that amplified 
>antennas aren't very good.  I can't amplify on those comments.  but no 
>one seems to have addressed your question on fairness.  I'm not a DX 
>hobbyist, but so far as I understand it, whatever receiving devices you 
>can use to pull in a signal are fair game.  
>Once, back in the 1960s, when WMUA at UMass was a 10-watt 
>station, we learned that we had been picked up at Westover AFB.  
>Since it was rather hard to hear us much beyond Amherst at that time, 
>we were all amazed.  Then we learned that whoever had picked us up 
>had used some pretty fancy military equipment to do it.  We lost our 
>inflated respect for our 10-watt signal, but I don't see anything wrong 
>with his use of whatever he could to pick up the signal.
>Seems to me that when you make a reception report, you usually say 
>what equipment you're using, which gives others a realistic picture of 
>what you've done.  I suppose it's a bigger achievement to pick up some 
>difficult DX with lesser equipment, but you use what you have.  Using an 
>amplified antenna, if it helps any, is no different from using a bigger 
>antenna or a more sensitive receiver.
>I'm spending some time on this because, when you told us your age a 
>couple of days ago, it brought back all sorts of warm memories of my 
>own radio listening at your age.  I hope you're having as much fun with it 
>as I had.  I suspect that radio isn't as interesting as it was back then, 
>but on the other hand, I would have loved to have had a group like this to 
>access.  Then again, maybe I would have been more into computers 
>and less into radio.
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