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RE: WGY 810

sorry, I forgot to mention we went to Howe Caverns and we passed a large
tower which was on our right as we were going west.

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Is the WGY tower the one after the city of Albany.. its one big, tall tower?
We went on a field trip west of Albany in Cobleskill? and I think I know
which one your talking about.. It is pretty big.

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Hi Dan,

The WGY tower is right off ( and very visible from) the Thruway in
Schenectady. It is a tall, uniform cross section tower and has been there as
long as I can remember -- 30+ years. What gets me is that they don't seem to
have the knock-out signal they should have for their low dial position & 50

Mark Casey

> And the tower, which most likely still stands, was a
> 665' uniform-cross-section tower originally built for
> use on 790, which was WGY's frequency immediately pre-
> NARBA (March 1941).
> I'd bet a nice dinner that this tower had been in use
> from whenever WGY switched from a long-wire to a single
> vertical radiator. My hunch is that tower dates to the
> 1936-1938 era.