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Re: WGY 810

No. WGY is one of a very small number of ND-U ex-IBs in 
the US. The others are KNBR, KNX, and KOA. However, WGY 
was unique in being the sole ND US IB on the same 
frequency as another US IB. 680, 850, and 1070 have only 
one US ex-IB each (but read my further comments on 1070 
later in this message).

Years ago KGO tried unsuccessfuly to force WGY to 
directionalize at night. Had that happened, KGO could 
have let out its pattern, but KGO couldn't have been 
real serious about it because KGO is DA-1 and could have 
at least opened up its day pattern if it perceived an 
economic advantage in doing so.

BTW, there are two ND-U ex-IBs in Canada, CBA and the 10-
kW station on 640 in NF. I don't know the calls. But NF 
wasn't part of Canada at the time NARBA was signed, so 
1070 is unique in have been allocated the only two co-
channel 50-kW ND-U IB stations in the US and Canada. 
There. doesn't knowing that make you feel better?

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> Is WGY directional?