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Re: WOTW Calls Returning to Nashua NH?

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001 20:09:38 -0400 "Sean Smyth"
<Sportswriter@dejazzd.com> writes:
> I can understand why it may not have been successful then -- local 
> radio was
> strong in Lowell. But why not now? Nashua's not THAT far away. 
> Beside,
> wouldn't now be a good time to try cracking into Lowell? With the 
> demise of
> WLLH and only one local English language station, I would think 900 
> could be
> somewhat effective -- and I would think Lowellites would rather 
> identify
> with a Nashua station than one from Lahrance.
> Or am I totally up the creek?
> -Sean

Actually WHOB is making some pretty strong inroads into the Lowell market
now.  WCCM is not because the differences between the make up of Lowell
and Lawrence are significant enough that if WCCM really started to
promote itself in Lowell they would alienate their base of listeners in
Lawrence.  (WLLH was never successful in cracking the Lawrence market
even back when they were full service and covered both cities with local
news, local content etc, the differences were too great, in Lowell they
became known as the Lawrence station, in Lawrence they were always
refered to as the Lowell station).     Lowell has much more in common
with Nashua and WCAP's signal doesn't get into Nashua on night pattern
and unlike some AM stations in the area, WCAP does still change to night
pattern when it's supposed to.  Can WOTW/WMVU do it?  I think they can
make a good showing of it now but they would really have to promote the
hell out of the station because of at least two major factors, first very
few people in Lowell know that 900AM has a radio station on it, and
second it's AM.