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RE: FM reception

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Adam Rivers wrote:

> but do you really CARE what's happening 500 miles away? I don't. you Join
> this list to talk about new england and new york.

I agree- honestly the only reason I am here is to discuss Maine
radio....and maybe as far south as Boston....that's all I go. However, it
doesn;t bother me when the discussion is about COnnecticut, New York, or
even Baltimore for that matter. Let's just drop the whole tower thread, so
many of those towers are not in the northeast.....so they're not relevent.
Who cares about the tower in New Jersey that is 34.5 miles high and built
by monkeys? It's not in New England!!!!!!!

ok sarcasm mode off, I really have no opinion one way or the other :) I
just read this list for the Maine stuff and to keep an eye on
Boston....that's it!