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RE: FM band opening

I also heard that station from Atlantic City another time while I was in
West Springfield about 2 months ago. Too bad I was sleeping @ 2 AM.. i have
a collection of all the radio stations iv've goten here. im working on
putting it online


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Major opening last night at 2am when returning home from Work.

In Chicopee , 96.9 WFPG from Atlantic City was as loud and clear as local
along with many other oddities.


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> >Here on the North Shore of Boston I'm picking up
> >WTIC-FM in Hartford instead of the 96.5 from
> It's after 7 AM, I'm getting 92.3 "PRO-FM" (so RDS says), from RI, so the
> enhancement is still to the south.  Too bad I was dead tired all day from
> the live shoot I did the day before, so I couldn't play radio.
> Take care,
> Dave
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