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Re: FM band opening

Here on the North Shore of Boston I'm picking up
WTIC-FM in Hartford instead of the 96.5 from
Manchester, NH; also WKCI Hamden, CT (101.3), WHUS
Storrs, CT (91.7) and several others stations from
Conn., RI, and the Cape. In some cases, stations I 
normally get like WOKQ (97.5, Dover NH) were
replaced by other, unfamiliar (to me) stations.
(All this was happening at about 2:30 am along
Rt. 128 in Essex County).

--- Howard Glazer <hmglaz@webtv.net> wrote:
> Nice opening to the south early this morning here in
> central
> Connecticut. Heard WOGL Philadelphia, WDHA Dover NJ,
> WHTZ Newark/NYC,
> and most of the other NYC signals (WQXR was
> especially strong.). WCTK
> New Bedford was also coming in on 98.1, but WOGL was
> the stronger
> signal.
> Heard something under WAQY at 102.1, but couldn't
> get an ID. 
> How was DX where you were?
> Howard

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