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Re: Bill whining (was CNN anchor endorses satellite over cable)

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 umar@nerodia.wcrb.com wrote:

> Ain't got no plates 

Gosh durn e-mail got away afore I could finish him! I was a-goin' to say
these newfangled rigs got transistorators in 'em; ain't got no gosh durn

By the way, the skip is pretty good tonight. I'm listening to our Orleans
classic rocker ("The Rocket" 104.7, a.k.a. WKPE-FM) and it's coming in
like a local here.

I was driving around down on the Cape earlier and heard Mo Polayes's
WADK-FM (Block Island) all the way from Orleans to the bridge; even WCRI,
which is co-channel with WATD, was listenable out in Harwich and Dennis.
That's quite a distance for a couple of Class A's.

I think Mo's swing/jazz format is going to pick up a lot of out-of-area

Rob Landry