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>Roger wrote--
>1.  What's the earleiest year you remember New England Dragway
>     spots running on Boston radio?

Well, I don't know how early they ran, but when I was a hitline operator at 
WRKO in 1968, I watched the guys record one.  As I recall, the trick was to 
list all of the guys (and an occasional gal) who would be racing, and say 
their names as quickly as possible to that annoying pulsating beat.  One 
day, they got word that one of the racers had been killed-- I believe his 
name was "Fast Albert" Fontanini... so since the spot had already been cut, 
they just took the old razor blade (remember that kind of editing?) and 
excised the tiny part of the tape he was on... rest in peace, Al... As I 
recall, the spots all ended with "BEAUTIFUL NEW ENGLAND DRAG WAY-- THE