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JJ's stations under one roof

As of today, all of J.J. Jeffrey's Atlantic Coast Broadcasting stations are 
being run out of the longtime WLOB studios on Warren Avenue in Portland.  
WRED relocated from Saco recently and over the weekend "The Big Jab" moved 
from the old WJBQ/WHOM studios, which were also on Warren Avenue in Portland. 

Citadel has moved all of their stations into One City Center in Portland, 
where WBLM and WCYY have been located for years.  The old WJBQ studios on 
Warren Avenue are now vacant.  

WMTW recently consolidated their operations at Congress Square, moving WTHT 
from Northport Plaza, so now the 4 radio groups in Portland have each 
consolidated their respective operations into one location each.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine