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RE: WBZ reception is worsening

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> From: A. Joseph Ross
> Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 1:09 AM
> Subject: Re: WBZ reception is worsening
> On 12 Aug 2001, at 22:42, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> If work is being done on a tower with multiple antennas on it, do all the
> stations on the tower have to shut down?   How does this work?

That is correct. What happens is if a station needs work on its antenna or
if a tower light needs to be changed, the tower site manager, usually, will
have to contact EVERY station's CE to notify them that tower work needs to
be done, and under F.C.C. law, they must reduce power or totally shut down
power to the primary and any other antennas on a tower while the crews are
up on it. That's why you sometimes hear FM stations (and AM/TV too) go off
the air at 2am. At WWLP here in Springfield, whenever we need to do tower
work, we have to notify WAQY 102.1 to switch to it's backup site on the AM
stick in East Longmeadow. WPKX, however, is only 2.2kW which isn't dangerous
to walk through going up to the top of the tower.


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