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Re: O&A debut

From: "SteveOrdinetz" <steveord@wavewizard.com>

> Lou wrote:
> >I accidentally stumbled upon the O&A debut on BCN, and all I can say is
> >I was not entertained.  They did nothing but denounce WAAF and 'rag'
> >It was interesting for a minute, or two, but that was that.
> Maybe I'm just out of the demo, but I find most so-called "Hot Talk"
> boring.  Stern, Don & Mike, O&A, Leykis, Gallagher, Howie and others of
> their ilk just seem to be a bunch of loudmouths who never let anyone else
> get a word in without being shouted down.

I remember people complaining about WTKK's brand of talk when they signed
on...sounding a little to "hot"...(i.e..not Gene Burns-ish, Jerry
Williams-ish, Brudnoy-esque enough, I guess).

Seems pretty tame compared to the "Stern, Don & Mike, O&A, Leykis,
Gallagher, Howie" that you mentioned...


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