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Canada notifying (was Re: Improved night facilities for 680 and 850)

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> will remain--"notified" to the US. Although Canadian AMs are dropping like
> flies (they're moving to FM), Canada has _never_ surrendered an AM
> allocation. 850 also has a high-power station in Raleigh as well as stations

I wonder why Canada doesn't surrender them if their AM stations are going
downhill.  IS it because they believe that those frequencies will be
repopulated when there's an increased demand for broadcasting spectrum
space?  Since the FM band in most major Canadian cities is filled up, and
with the increased multi-ethnic population in them; opening up new
stations on AM would be a logical choice (not to mention that newly
arrived immigrants with tight finances can easily score an AM-only radio
for 2 or 3$ at any thrift store).

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