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Re: Potty Runs (was Today's LTAR)

Dan (who has a very short memory of what it was like to actually rely on
radio for a living...) B. wrote:
<<Of course, with modern technology, this is a dated topic.  You gotta like
how those computers can pull these segues.>>

not dated at all, Dan.  and you know what?  i don't "gotta like" it.
besides, there are a number of morning shows where the computer has no say
in what is on the air, and the hosts work alone. (i'll save someone the
time:  David O'Leary at WBOS and JW at WKLB are two "solo" artists who do
their morning thing alone. no 2nd fiddle or newsperson to help out in a
"pinch"...sorry, couldn't resist)  although i will grant you that digital
audio for spots is convenient... a spot break can be longer than most songs,
and simply an update of the cart segue technology of the 70's & 80's (&90's)
like those responses on this topic before Dan B's, Nights In White Satin or
an extra set of fingers for the buttons from the newsroom are always
let's hope they don't automate the legal system before Mr.Billings embarks
on his next career.  "cookie cutter justice" can't be far behind.

- -Chuck(who doesn't think computers are people, too)Igo