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Re: Carroll O'Connor and John Lee Hooker pass on

here is how Archie himself reacted

Aw geez Edith, I'm reading here in the paper that actor Carroll O'Connor
died yesterday." That's sad", Edith replied. "Yeah,...I also see that
B.B.Hooker died yesterday too" said Archie. "No, Archie, that's John Lee
Hooker" said Edith. "Whatever" Archie retorted. "Hey Edith, what songs did
this Hooker guy do anyway?" "Archie,...he did 'Boom Boom Boom', 'One
Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer', and 'Boogie Chillen.' "Never heard of any of
those songs Edith" said Archie. "Archie, don't you remember? John Lee Hooker
was the guy playing the guitar, performing in that Chicago Street in the
Blues Brothers 
movie." "Edith, I don't watch no movies with coloreds in it! And Franklin
Delanor Roosevelt never listened to no B.B. Hooker or any colored music
neither,....he only listened to guys like Hoagy Carmichael. Oh,..lookee here
Edith, the Red Sox scored four runs with two outs in the ninth to beat Tampa
Bay last night. My father said the Red Sox would never win a championship in
my lifetime,.....and ya know Edith,....I think he's wrong with this year's

"Get me a beer Edith, will ya?" 

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