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Lou McNally Dismissed

why is it in television, if there is a perceived problem,
it always comes down to getting rid of the weather guy or
 In today's Portland Press Herald, the news is that 
Altitude Lou McNally is no longer needed as the station
is going in a "different" direction.  (seems to me 
they're trying to save some money... somebody stop me if
you've heard this one before...)

here's the 

   my $.03 (adjusted for inflation):  Lou's getting the
bum's rush.  And nothing against Russ Murley, the 
other meteorologist.  Russ and Lou have worked together
for years.  I'm sure it's an uncomfortable situation for
both.  And with a nod to the ever-present professionalism
exhibited by Lou, you'd have not noticed he was a "short
timer" by his forecasts the past few days.

- -Chuck (differently directed for 6 months now)Igo
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