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FM Talk

Just wondering...

Just how well _IS_ the FM talk format working in its WTKK incarnation?

I have noticed a few things over the past two weeks or so:

    -WTKK been running spots touting the benefits of advertising on
     96.9 featuring two (at least) of their long-time sponsors.

    -After "drying up" for several months, Jay Severin has been making
     more "Kenny-G-spot" references during his show, but with less
     "animosity" than in the past. He has also made some references to
     the alternative to talk on 96.9 being "soft jazz". (The tone that
     he uses is reminiscent of the letter-writing requests of the
     original WCDJ jocks before the flip to country/WBCS. i.e. Tell
     the GM managent that you want to hear FM talk in spite of ratings,
     pressure from other media outlets, etc.)

    -Jay was off on one of his monologues/rants the other day, touting
     the courage of GM and its management in putting and keeping his
     show on the air, as well as the courage of some of his sponsors in
     continuing to purchase spots during his show, especially in the
     face of recent Boston Globe coverage.

Before that, Jeanine Graf disappeared over the winter and was replaced
by Barnicle and Severin re-runs, I think that some shows have been
played as many as four times during the week. Finally, they brought in
Laura Ingraham (sp?)for the evening show, but that originates from DC.

All of the promotion on the station has been for the drive times -- Imus
& Severin -- primarily. On the next "tier" down, Laura Ingraham's new
show and Barnicle-50/50 tied in with an Imus spot. What about Egan &
Braude? Their local week-end shows?

Could there be a format change in the offing? If so, what would the
possibilities be?

While I enjoyed the smooth jazz format, I must admit that I have also
enjoyed the talk format on 'TKK as well.
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