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Channel 25 Goes "Behind the Scenes" at Morning Radio Shows.

Some of you may be aware that WFXT-TV 25 in Dedham has instituted an
early-afternoon newscast to utilize the talents of their recent hire,
Jody Applesauce.  I happened to see a promo for it during the Sunday 
Morning Fox News Sunday with Antoine Neige.  They said they were going
to go 'behind the scenes' of some of your favorite morning radio shows, so
I taped yesterday's (06/18) offering.  They did 5 minutes or so about the
Magic 106.7 morning crew.  During her intro, Jody said that viewers would
be surprised to learn that the people on WMJX don't play any music;  she 
meant that the DJ's don't handle and insert home-style CD's.  She was
right in ways she didn't realize.  Anyway, it was standard-fare video of
people running hither-and-thither looking busy in a typical radio station.
Then they showed the morning man using a bar-code scanner on a 
program log to select the recorded material.  Then the camera person
ambled down to the bank of computers where all the recordings WMJX 
plays are stored, along with other Greater Media outlets, WKLB,
a station they described as WBOS( does such a station exist and does 
anybody listen to it?) and WROR.  The close of the segment indicated that
today's segment would be about WQSX;  I haven't seen it yet...what 
outlets will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

Laurence Glavin

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