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Re: William Pierce of WCRB

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> What WAS the format of 1330AM-WCRB before Classical?
> (And what year did 1330AM become a classical station?)
> IIRCC...1330AM stayed classical into the early 70's, no?

WCRB played popular music from its inception in 1948 until 1951, when it
switched to classical gradually over the course of a year according to
Dave MacNeill. From 1952 on it was all-classical. WCRB-FM signed on in
1954 (in the fall, I think). The AM switched to big bands sometime in the
seventies and was sold to... damn, I can't remember his name, but his
girlfriend's initials were D.L.W., hence WDLW, which the station became.

Anthony Martin-Tregona; I'm pretty sure that was the name of the buyer.

I have in my possession about 30 seconds of a very early WCRB aircheck,
circa 1949.

Rob Landry