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RE: Pohistorynow.com on clear channels

On 30 May 2001,  Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         But, IMO, these stations still serve a purpose and have a market
> niche, at least for now. The ground conductivity in New England is so bad
> that WBZ, even DA to the west, puts out a groundwave signal that's not that
> much farther in range than just about any old full-power FM. But in most of
> the country a Class A AM delivers a decent groundwave that a non-radio geek
> would listen to  out to 100-200 miles.

I've always been able to hear WBZ's day signal quite well out around 
Amherst and Springfield (even without WBZA adding its few watts).  No 
Boston-area FM station gets out that far.

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