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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

In a message dated 6/1/01 11:28:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dib9@gwi.net 

<< Just to clarify:  I never said that the media shouldn't have standards.
 My objection is a standard being set in a courtroom (or by the government).
 Or the standard being that you can't broadcast anything that a 15 year old
 might imitate and get injured.

We all know that the media will not set any standards for itself at all 
(unless they fear possible stricter government-set or court-set standards).
So, without any courtroom- or government-set standards, WHO WILL set any 
standards?    You DO say that you believe there should be standards........
You say the broadcasters SHOULD .... (they won't)
You say the courtroom SHOULDN'T
You say the government SHOULDN'T.
I'm confused......