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RE: Sumner Redstone to Guest On Brudnoy

regarding Sumner Redstone being a guest on Brudnoy, Hakim wrote--

>Hmmm... sounds like Conflict of interest to me....

No, it's more like the 800 pound gorilla joke -- (where does the 800 pound 
gorilla sit?  anywhere he wants to.)  Sumner Redstone and/or Mel Karmazin 
are like the 800 pound gorilla-- it's their network and they can be on any 
show they want to.  Mel seldom if ever does interviews,so that leaves 
Sumner, who has been in the Boston market for years.  Now, a more 
interesting query is, will David ask the man who signs his paycheck the 
tough questions, or will it be a general lovefest?