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Re: Headline News

Bill O asked:
<<Doesn't that former NYPD Blue actress start at that 
network after a stint in the Southwest?>>


   yes, she does, amidst a bit of controversy vis a 
vis some "racy" movie stills that are now on the web.
Andrea Thompson (not that i'm studying up on this 
stuff) is her name.  and like many on this list, she may
be able to pick out a skel at fifty paces and be able to
slap the mook one up side the head, but she ain't no
Ms.Russell.  (another cultural icon moves on...)
on the topic but off the list's mission:  anyone ever
do a drinking game when Lynn was on?  (glasses or 
contacts....)  don't mind me.  lack of work leads to 
many misguided things.  and yes, i'll miss Ms.R.  a 
very class act indeed.

- -Chuck(Jackpot or Bag-of-Crap)Igo
(sorry, NYPD Blue does that to my list-serve posts)