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Jurkowitz: 7's Ansin to sue Herald



The Globe's Mark Jurkowitz reported on 5/16 that WHDH-TV owner Ed 
Ansin is planning to sue the Boston Herald over a recent Margery 
Eagan column.

Reviewing Channel 7's decision not to renew Kim Carrigan's 
contract as news anchor, Eagan wrote that Ansin had been
"described by employees as a despicable, ruthless, egomaniacal, 
power-mad narcissistic troll in need of psychoanalytic intervention."

A letter from Ansin to Pat Purcell, publisher of the Herald, says that 
"Ms. Eagan launches highly charged, personal invectives at
Mr. Ansin, and ..." communicates "to her readership that these 
epithets were intended to be treated as `facts'." 

Ansin's attoney, Michael Gass of Palmer & Dodge, singles out the 
Eagan column, while referring to what he calls a "pattern of libelous 
and defamatory statements by the Herald against Mr. Ansin."

Purcell declined to print an apology, saying that Eagan's column 
was within "journalistic bounds."