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Re: Boston's New Majority Language?

--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
> > - -Chuck "no habla but do parlez un peu" Igo
> >
> I thought there was a Spanish net in the past.  Had
> it gone dark? I
> remember Ken Coleman making a comment of thanks to
> their Spanish
> colleagues for some technical support one day, years
> back.

The Spanish broadcasts never went dark. I think the
news this year is that all games will be covered, vs.
a limited schedule. 

The Red Sox website says Bobby Serrano's been doing
the games for 12 years.The number of stations is real
limited (four). One would think they could get more.
The site lists the stations as (using the information
the way they posted it): Boston WRCA 1330 (flagship);
Lawrence WHAV 1490; Hartford WPRX 1120; Providence
WRIB 1290 


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