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Re: Re: WEEI gets a ton of publicity

>Paul wrote--
>Based on this line of discussion.....You all sound like \"pro free 
>speech\" people, should David Horowitz\'s Advert regarding reparations to 
>Blacks have been refused by 46 of 50 College Newspapers?

Umm, advertisements are a different thing entirely.  At Emerson College 
several years ago, some Holocaust deniers wanted to place an ad saying the 
Holocaust never happened, and the kids thought they had to run it because 
of "free speech."  Horowitz has a right to his opinions, and students 
should not try to keep him from expressing them, however stupid some of his 
ideas may be (I don't want the list to veer off into a discussion of 
slavery, but I have read some of his advertisement, and it is intentionally 
provocative, it seems to me).  BUT nobody has to run an advertisement if 
they feel the content violates the paper or the TV/radio station's 
standards.  And yes, I am indeed pro free-speech, but I like a CIVIL 
discussion, as opposed to name-calling or statements meant to stir people