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Re: Expos need miracle to air in English

The US Virgin Islands' population is over 135,000. (155,000 if you count 
Jamaican & Haitian illegals). Add the very nearby British Virgin Islands, the 
total comes to over 210,000.  All speak Engilsh except some of the Haitians.  
  There WILL be a time that VI will be rated.  Puerto Rico was rated only 
starting several years ago.   I'm amazed though that they consider Puerto 
Rico "a market" since the island is 130 miles wide and 50 miles deep 
(north-south).  Most San Juan AM stations beam east and cannot be heard on 
the western part of the island.  And there are plenty of small town AMs on 
the western half , southern part, and even eastern part of the island which 
cannot be heard in or around San Juan.
------jibguy  (former Promgram Manager at then-full-service WHOA -870-San 
Juan., 5kw beaming east.

In a message dated 3/25/01 11:30:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
mlaurence@mindspring.com writes:

<< Probably money.  Guam's population is only 150,000, and the Virgin 
 Islands are something like 20,000.  Who's going to buy ratings 
 reports for far-flung, largely non-English speaking markets that 
 size?  By contrast, Puerto Rico's population is well over 3 million.